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Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy believes in developing the whole child (i.e., developing critical thinking, social, communication and interpersonal skills as well as starting the process of developing a sense of self-awareness that fosters emotional intelligence).   As it relates to families, our goal is to become a resource for the whole family.


Below are activities, articles, videos, interactive exercises and websites of other early childhood development experts and advocates.  Please visit our online library often, we will add content periodically. 



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      Math: Training Videos and Interactive Exercises

  • Addition** 

                        Basic Addition – Training Video

                        Basic Addition – Interactive Exercises

                        Level 2 Addition – Training Video

                        Level 2 Addition – Interactive Exercises


  • Subtraction** 

                        Basic – Training Video

                        Basic – Interactive Exercises

                        Level 4 Subtraction – Training Video 

                        Level 4 Subtraction – Interactive Exercises


  •  Other - Math Trainings**

                        Basic – Multiplication - Video

                        Basic - Multiplication - Exercises   

                        Basic – Division - Video

                        Basic - Division - Exercises

                        Number Line - Video

                        Number Line - Exercises

                        Measuring Angles - Videos

                        Measuring Angles - Exercises

                        Place Value - Video

                        Rounding Whole Numbers - Video









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