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Extra Curricular Activities

Meeting The Social, Emotional, and Educational Needs of Our Students 

Our extracurricular programs partner with us to ensure we focus on the whole child.  Currently we offer the following extracurricular programs:

  • Dance - Dancing helps even the youngest child express herself with music and movement.  Whether it is free interpretation or choreographed movements, we offer classes and instruction in dance.  Kids love to perform and express themselves with music and movement as they gain a great sense of accomplishment whiledoing so.  Our dance program is Kinderdance - contact person Jennifer Reid, (210) 680-5964.
  • Health and Fitness - Recent studies show that our society, through the comforts of technology and fast food, enables childhood obesity, which has reached epidemic proportions.  This is why we offer health and fitness as part of our program, but also include extracurricular activities as well such as Basketball TOTs and Touchdown TOTs. Check out our Soccer Shots program  - Contact person Eddie Russ, (512) 217-3520.
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