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Our innovative curriculum, written by a team of education experts, is based on the latest research and high academic standards.  It provides developmentally appropriate, child-initiated and teacher-guided activities.   The Kids `R` Kids Curriculum focuses on the philosophy that children learn best through play.   It is important for children to have opportunities to construct their own knowledge through exploration, interaction with materials and imitation of positive role models.

At Kids `R` Kids, age-appropriate classrooms are arranged into stations that enhance learning with art, blocks, dramatic play, math, manipulatives, music, science and sensory experiences.

Our curriculum was written with your child in mind.  It provides the advantages you desire for your child`s growth and development:

·    Is based on the latest brain research

·    Focuses on developmentally appropriate practices

·    Includes standards-driven activities

·    Offers an individual approach to learning

·    Provides a loving and nurturing environment

·    Encompasses cognitive, physical, social-emotional, and language development

·    Encourages creativity, independence and problem-solving skills

·    Includes a sign language program

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